Why buy a new house?

Are you are a fan of finely crafted exteriors, luxury internal fittings and spacious living areas? Do you want to feel like your new home is truly your own? If so, new build properties have a lot to offer.

There are so many advantages to buying a new house. While there are obvious benefits – like the fact that everything is brand new – there are also numerous hidden benefits that often don’t become apparent until you’ve moved in.

We spoke to some of our new homeowners and asked them what they appreciated the most when buying a new property:

Peace of Mind

New build homes come with a 10 year building warranty. This means they have met the technical requirements for design, materials and workmanship in new build construction thereby complying with industry standards. When you buy an older property you get no such assurances.

Make it your own

A new build property gives you a blank canvas to create your own unique style. There’s no need to waste money undoing the design decisions of previous owners.

Lower running costs

New build homes are built with thicker insulation and their heating systems are significantly more efficient than previous generations. Better energy efficiency not only means a reduction in carbon emissions but also lower heating bills, helping you save money!

Be part of a new community

Moving to a new home offers you more than just a different place to live. It’s a chance to be part of a new and vibrant community. Getting to know your neighbours and making friends is all part of the fun.

More for your money

New houses are built to a much higher specification than older properties. There’s no need to rip out kitchens and bathrooms or replace the wiring. Without the sky-high costs of refurbishment, your budget goes much further with a new build house.

Ready to find out more? Browse our latest selection of luxury new build homes. You’ll be amazed just how far your budget will go!